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Eric McLaren 08-09-2020 //Hebrews 11:23-29 - People Who Made Choices Based on Their Faith in God

August 16, 2020

We make choices every day.  Some choices are insignificant, such as what to eat, or what to wear, etc.  Other choices are more significant, sch as education, marriage and family.  And some choices have impacts that echo into eternity.

In today's lesson we look at two people who made choices based upon their faith in God.  We consider the choices made by Moses, as well as those made by Moses' mother.  In the end, we find that while none of us will hold up a staff to part the sea, or come down from the mountain carrying tablets of stones, we can all be like Moses' mother.

Thank you for listening to today's lesson.  May you be blessed as we study God's Word together.