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Doug Schorle - 12-13-2020 // Genes 16; Stumbling In Our Faith Journey

December 19, 2020

In many ways, the life of Abraham becomes an allegory of sorts for the Christian life.  We see times of tremendous faith, such as when Abraham rose early to offer up Isaac to the Lord as seen in Genesis 22.  We see times of questioning, as when Abraham asked the Lord in Genesis 15, “O Lord God, what will You give me since I am childless, and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus?”  We see times of great courage, as when Abraham pursued the kings who took his nephew, Lot, captive; pursuing them hundreds of miles to rescue his relative.  And we see times of great cowardice, as when he claimed Sarah was his sister instead of his wife, not once but twice.

And, as we see in Genesis 16, we see times of stumbling.  Assured of the Lord's promise to raise a child from his own flesh, Abram still stumbled, following his wife's counsel to bear a child through her maid, Hagar; perhaps this would be how the promise was to be fulfilled.

But through it all, we see the constancy of God.  He never changes, nor does He waiver in His commitment to His promises, despite Abraham's, and our own, failings.

Thank you for listening to today's lesson.  May the Lord bless you through the teaching of His Word.