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Doug Schorle 07-26-2020 // Genesis 15 - Abram; A Questioning Faith

July 26, 2020

Every believer at some point in their walk with the Lord experiences questions, and even doubts.  Life is filled with troubles that grieve us; leaving us to wonder how we reconcile our trials and tribulations with the promises of God in Scripture.


In his life, Abraham also dealt with questions.  The man referred to as the friend of God, and the father of all who believer, struggled with questions.  In Genesis 15, we see that in the midst of these deep questions, the Lord meets Abram in the midst of his struggles.  We see God responding to Abram's questions with grace and patience.


We can take comfort in knowing it is OK to come to God with our questions.  For in the midst of our suffering, we get a glimpse into what God has done on our behalf through the cross of Christ.


May you be blessed as you listen to today's lesson.


Thank you for listening.