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Alex Kremer 09-05-2021 // Conversion of Saul of Tarsus; Acts 9:1-19

September 19, 2021

Every conversion story is unique.  But we find that we are more drawn to the more "exciting" stories; those stories where a person goes from prisoner to pastor.  What we forget is that each and every conversion story is a miracle.

Scripture gives us an honest portrayal of the natural state of man, full of evil, murder, strife (Romans), dead in our trespasses and sins, children of wrath (Ephesians).

But God... The amazing grace of God begins with, "But God being rich in mercy and the love with which He loved us.  But God made us alive together with Christ.  But God saved us by grace through faith.  But God, through His Son, has transferred us from the domain of darkness into the light of His glorious Son.

This is what Saul of Tarsus experienced.  Saul, zealous for the Law and the traditions of Israel who believed he was on God's side as he persecuted the church in Jerusalem, even going as far as Damascus to arrest Christians.  But then the risen Christ met him on the road to Damascus, and his life would never be the same.