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Alex Kremer 08-30-20 // Wait For It; Acts 1:4-11

August 30, 2020

In the opening verses of the book of Acts, the apostles spend 40 days with the risen Lord.  During that time, He taught them the things concerning Himself, and "the things concerning the kingdom of God." (Acts 1:3)  Surely the disciples would have been encouraged to be in the presence of the resurrected Christ.  They likely would have been eager to go out into the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

But instead of telling them to go out into the world, the Lord told them to wait in Jerusalem for what the Father had promised.  In order for them to succeed in their new mission to spread the Gospel, they required the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through them.  This is the same Holy Spirit which indwells and empowers every believer in the Lord Jesus.

Thank you listening to today's lesson.  May you be blessed through God's Word.