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Alex Kremer 07-18-2021 // Like Father Like Son; Acts 7:39-53

August 14, 2021

We all inherit different things from our parents.  Some of these we accept with pride, while others we would just as soon forget.

In Jesus' day, the Jewish people inherited the Law from their forefathers, as well as the Temple.  But they also inherited the rebellious nature of their forefathers.  And like us all, they inherited the sin nature of Adam.

In Acts. we see Stephen dragged into the Temple before the Sanhedrin; charged with blasphemy against Moses and the Temple.  As he make his closing arguments, he handed down the final verdict against his prosecutors - you are just like your fathers. 

Stephen again takes them back to the days of Moses, when the hearts of their fathers returned to Egypt.  Regarding the Temple, he puts it into the proper perspective.  If the highest heaven cannot contain the living God, then neither can this Temple.  But the elders of Israel placed it on a pedestal on which it was never meant to stand and corrupted their worship.

As you listen to today's lesson, may you be encouraged by the reminder that the God of the universe meets with His people wherever they are.

Thank you for listening.  May you be blessed through the teaching of God's Word.