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Alex Kremer 05-31-20 // The Rejected Servant; The Gospel According to Isaiah; Isaiah 53:1-3

May 31, 2020

Isaiah 53 is a portion of the Old Testament that is sometimes referred to as the Gospel according to Isaiah.  Last time, we saw the Exalted Servant; the servant exalted because of His suffering, but it is this suffering that will cleanse the nations.

Today, we see the Rejection of the Servant.  Isaiah 53 is written from the perspective of Israel looking back upon their long awaited Messiah, asking the question, "Who has believed our message?"  In other words, "How did we miss this?"  The answer is in the description of the servant, a "tender shoot...a root out of parched ground."  The Exalted Servant appears on the scene not as a stately king, but as a carpenter's son; not in royal robes, but wrapped in swaddling cloths in a manger.

But what does the rejection of the servant mean for us today?  May you be blessed as you listen to today's lesson.

Thank you for listening.