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Tom Baird 02-02-2020 // Mountains in Scripture - Mount Zion

Mountains appear in various times and in various ways throughout scripture.  Mountains are sometimes tied with various aspects of God, His character and His redemptive plan.

Mount Sinai is often associated with God's Law and the requirements of the Law.  Through our own efforts, we can never measure up to the righteous requirements of the Law.

Contrasted with Mount Sinai, today's lesson looks at Mount Zion, the mountain which Paul, in Galatians 5:21-5:1, equates with God's redemptive grace through Christ.

Tom Baird 11-24-19 // Mountains in Scripture; Mount Sinai

The old joke asks, "Why did the man climb the mountain?" The answer, because it was there.  And when we climb a mountain, what do we see?

Several mountains are mentioned in scripture.  In today's lesson, we will climb Mount Sinai with Moses.  But what will we see?  Mount Sinai holds a central place in both Old and New Testaments and is essential to understanding God's plan of salvation.  There we see that God is holy, righteous and that he cannot tolerate sin.

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