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Grant Nelson 04-25-2021 // Are You a Man or a Mouse? Understanding and Resisting Satan’s Traps for the Believer

If a mouse were to enter our house, we would most often do all we could to trap the mouse, either through gentle means so as to not kill the mouse, or through more "permanent" means.  But how can we draw the little varmint to the trap?  We can use fear to push the mouse toward the trap; and we can use bait, temptation, to lure him to his destruction.

In today's lesson, we see that, in many ways, Satan uses the same methods on the believer.  When Satan sees a life changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he lays a trap for us.  And while he cannot destroy those who belong to Christ,we must realize each day that Satan is trying to make us stumble.  We therefore examine some of the traps Satan uses as well as the means that God provides for us to resist the schemes of the Devil.

Thank you for listening to today's lesson.  May you be blessed through the teaching of God's Word.

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