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Stefan Johnson 05-03-20 // Christian Observations on COVID-19

As some states and localities begin to open up following the peak in COVID-19 infections, the world seeks for answers.  In today's lesson, we consider how we can look upon this time from a Christian, Biblical perspective.

We will see:

  • The unity and importance of the local church
  • That personal relationships are important
  • Physical touch is necessary
  • The Sovereignty of God

May you be blessed as you listen to today's lesson.

Stefan Johnson 11-17-19 // The Lord Jesus is Worthy; Colossians 1:12-23

The church around the world is under increasing persecution.  Faced with imprisonment, torture, and even death, the temptation would be to give in to such persecution and deny Christ.  Yet, many face persecution with such intense faith.  The question facing believers today is, how do we stand firm in the face of such pressure.

Today's lesson provides one of the keys to standing firm.  And it is not in our own faithfulness, but in the fact that the Lord Jesus is worthy.  Looking at Colossians 1:12-23, today's lesson examines Paul's overflow of praise for the worth of the Lord Jesus.

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